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H.R. 1 is Not “For the People”

Recently, the 116th Congress passed Nancy Pelosi's most deceptive piece of legislation, H.R. 1" For the People Act." This misleading title hides its primary goal of rigging our election systems to establish Democratic politicians by sabotaging America's electoral process.

Under H.R. 1, the federal government will be transferred massive amounts of election-related powers from local governments. This 'poison chalice' bill will interfere with local governments and their citizens' ability to participate in the political process, secure the integrity of elections, determine voter qualifications, ensure accuracy of voter registration rolls, and establish the congressional district boundary lines for elections.

I am against this attempt to create shady electoral practices that push and permit lousy behavior, like fake voter registrations, ballot harvesting, double voting, and ineligible voting. The thick 600+ page document is full of unnecessary, unhelpful, and unconstitutional provisions. I have listed just a few below:

Federalization of the Election Process: H.R. 1 allows the feds to overreach its authority of the election processes by regulating needless and unconstitutional mandates on local governments.

Unchecked Voter Identification: H.R. 1 allows for people to simply "sign a statement" certifying I.D. Local governments will be mandated to register voters on the day of elections and not require them to bring I.D. to the polls. With no time to verify personal information, this could easily lead to voter fraud.

No Accountability for Vote Counting —H.R. 1 sends ballots to a third-party for counting. When ballots are counted outside of the county's precinct, this dismantles the election process and threatens our democracy.

Automatic Registration of Ineligible Voters: H.R. 1 prevents local governments from having the ability to determine what qualifies a voter and destroys voter registration rolls accuracy. It will automatically enroll ineligible voters, such as illegal aliens who receive public assistance or driver's licenses.

Removal of Redistricting Power: H.R.1 also grants an unelected third-party the power to draw congressional districts. This takes the voice away from the people because currently, congressional district lines are drawn by local governments accountable to their constituents.

This micromanaging is a sneaky attempt at federalizing our election process. Doing this will destroy this precious right and endangers our democracy. The saying goes, "All politics are local," and securing our election's integrity should be as well.

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