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Minister are Essential Workers, too MLKRepublicans @ ReOpen Illinois Rally

BEGIN VIDEO AT 34:35 South-side church-goers will join the Re-open Illinois Rally protesting for the Right to Assemble and Worship.Jimmy Lee Tillman, II, of the Martin Luther King Republicans; along with Rev. Pervis Thomas, of New Canaanland MBC, will be holding a press conference regarding attending the Re-Open Illinois Rally at noon on Saturday, May 16th, at the Thompson Center.

They will be standing for the Right to Assemble and Worship in-person at church services, and to debunk the narrative that only White Supremacists care about the 1st Amendment and will be at the rally. The group also plans to “passively resist” the statewide restrictions by attending in-person church services on Sunday, May 17th.

“If the United States was founded on the principals of God, why is everything essential but the Church,” remarked Rev. Thomas, “the citizens have the right under the 1st Amendment to be able to choose.”

“We will be attending church on Sunday, safely, as a non-violence act of civil disobedience, in the spirit of our organization’s namesake,” Tillman remarked, “ And we are willing to go to jail for Jesus.”

Jimmy Lee Tillman, II speaking at Re-Open Illinois Rally begins at 34:35

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