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Martin Luther King Republicans support CBUC Father's Day #StandBlackMan

Chicago,IL The Martin Luther King Republicans support the efforts of Chicago Black United Communities (CBUC) #StandBlackMan Father's Day action on Sunday, June 21, 2020, at noon. Several men will be standing in solidarity throughout Chicago.

CBUC's Chairman Eddie Read sent out a mass communication blitzed stating,

"ATTENTION! ATTENTION! STAND BLACK MAN!! Father's Day High Noon Black Men...We Ain't Taken No Damn Knee!! We Ain't Marching No Damn Where!!! We Ain't Doing No Damn Protesting!!! Father's Day High Noon (12:00) We Standing On Our Square/ We Standing On Our Block/ We Standing On Our Corner/ We Standing On Our Spot..

We Standing For 8 mins & 46 sec. We Standing In Our HOOD. We Will Fellowship With Each Other!!! We Gonna Organize Our HOOD Black By Black. We Rebuilding Our HOOD.


Chicago Black United Communities

Bro. Lu Palmer, Founder'Bro. Eddie Read, Chairman

ph 773-848-8049

CBUCBIPO facebook

EddieSRead4 twitter

Jimmy Lee Tillman,II , president of MLKR will be attending church services at New Canaanland MBC 5957 South Peoria, Chicago during that time but issued the following statement, "We support CBUC and the #StandBlackMan campaign. Grassroots community organizations like CBUC, that are not partisan, are important when it comes to rebuilding and strengthening our neighborhoods

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