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MLK Republicans Back the Blue in Grant Park - Chicago

On Saturday July 25th the Martin Luther King Republicans joined Re-Open Illinois for a peaceful gathering in front of the empty pedestal where the Columbus monument once stood to show solidarity for law enforcement and to protest the dangerous calls for de-funding the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago is experiencing a growing number of gun-related incidents, with the city’s official statistics reporting over 400 murders so far this year, compared to 275 during the same period last year.

Founder and President Jimmy Lee Tillman,II spoke to the 300 attendees about the Black community's support of 'Good Police'. "We know that there is only a small percent of bad police" remarked Tillman. He addressed how the Black community is still suffering from the aftermath of Floyd Riots, where the destruction permanently closed businesses and cost jobs. He also thanked President Donald Trump for sending support to Chicago with Operation Legend. "We need the DEA, there are too many drugs on our streets, we need the ATF, there are too many guns on our streets, we need the FBI because there are too many unsolved murders. Our police officers are overworked and overwhelmed."

Rev. Pervis Thomas, of New Canaanland MBC, delivered the event's opening prayer and WLS 890 AM morning show host Mancow was the emcee. "The Chicago machine died on May 29th", Mancow said to the crowd of former Democratic voters.

Regina Green, 43, who has voted for Democratic Primary candidates in the past says she plans on voting for President Donald Trump in November. "I am really tired of our police being the scapegoat for years of failed policies, President Trump is trying to send help to our city and the police need relief."

Organizers Tina McGreth and Christine McGovern,who planned the rally within hours of watching the dismantling of the Columbus statue, was happy with the turnout and not swayed by the small gathering of counter protesters assembled on the other side of a police barricade.

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