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MLKR ask IL reps to work together and challenges calls to de-fund the police

Jimmy Lee Tillman, II, and the Martin Luther King Republicans ask Illinois Elected Officials to "stop finger-pointing" and "put their hands together to stop the violence that's gripping the City."They are appealing to the Governor and Sheriff to help Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the overworked CPD by providing support to the federal agents conducting Operation Legend, adding additional State Troopers to patrol U.S. Highway 1 (South Halsted), and to send Cook County Sheriff Officers to pick up outstanding warrants holders. The grassroots organization also challenges the idea of De-funding the Police and County Sheriff Department. Stressing the need for increased funding to the County Jail for the security, health and well being of the inmates; and citing the rise in school shootings as a reason to keep police as a front line of protection for students. The Martin Luther King Republicans (MLKR) are asking Illinois Elected officials to stop the blame game and help Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the citizens of Chicago. This is a call for additional officers from Governor Pritzker and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to assist Federal agents in Chicago conducting Operation Legend; to quell the violence in hot spots like Englewood, where U.S. Highway 1 runs through; and to provide help to the overworked and in some cases, overwhelmed personnel of the Chicago Police Department by enforcing outstanding warrants.

This is a challenge to the calls to de-fund the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Sheriff's Department, and eliminate the CPD contract with Chicago Public Schools. Founder and President Jimmy Lee Tillman, II sent letters to Pritzker, and Dart on behalf of the Black conservative group who want to see an end to the violence. Tillman says, "It is time to stop pointing fingers and put our hands together to stop the violence that is gripping the City. Illinois elected officials must use the full weight and power of their offices to help the mayor and the citizens."

"U.S. Highway 1 runs through the heart of Englewood and State Troopers patrolling Halsted would be a deterrent." "There are some people with outstanding warrants causing crimes that could use a visit from the Sheriff. "It is outrageous to call for defunding law enforcement in any capacity at this time," remarked Tillman, "Cook County jail needs more funding, not less. The safety, health, and well-being of the inmates are at stake." "School shootings have been rising since 2010, more than doubling between 2017 and 2018. It is irresponsible to consider ending the contract between CPD and CPS. The police are the front line of protection for our schools." On Friday, August 14, 2020, at 10 a.m. Jimmy Lee Tillman and MLKR will hold a press conference at the State of Illinois Building : "We are citizens of the City of Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois; all parties should have some stake in this process, so I have written them. Maybe some additional help from these organizations can help provide the resources needed to end this violence,: remarked Tillman.

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