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For those who are unaware, our calendar year begins February 1st, which is Black History Month and the birth month of the great Rev. Fredrick Douglass(exact birth date unknown). As our name suggests, the Martin Luther King Republicans (MLKR) utilizes the Six Steps and Principles of Non Violence to accomplish all tasks. When exercised in the political arena, we believe that these ideals can lead toward more harmonious outcomes in our future. I am pleased to share the campaigns and contributions of MLKR for the Second Quarter (2Q) of 2020 and a preview of our Third Quarter (3Q) activities.

We began 2Q with a May 1st protest at the State of Illinois Building alongside ReOpen Illinois and other grassroots organizations. We challenged Gov. JB Pritzker's powers to close churches and interfere with our 1st Amendment Right to Worship. We asserted that Ministers are Essential Workers, and if Wal-Mart or liquor stores can be open, so can church. Because of this effort, the governor allowed ten people to attend service and then later lifted all restriction, although with recommended guidelines, after orders from Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In the summer months of June and July, we continued our appeal to elected officials to stop the violence in Chicago. We sent letters to President Donald Trump, Gov. JB Pritzker, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and Sheriff Tom Dart. Because of this and similar requests from other cities, President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice launched the successful Operation Legend and sent federal support. Also, towards summer's end, Mayor Lightfoot implemented our suggestion of a joint task force with the County and State to assist our overworked and sometimes overwhelmed the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

We concluded 2Q with a challenge to the idea of De-funding the Police and County Sheriff Department. While attending the Back the Blue Rally in Grant Park, in front of the removed Columbus statue's base, I spoke about the need for increased funding to the County Jail and that CPD is the first line of protection for students. The Chicago Public Schools agreed with that position voted shortly afterward to keep their contract with CPD.

As we begin our work in 3Q, we look forward to the re-election of the 45th President Donald J. Trump in November and will do our part to help in share the impact his administration has had in the Black community.

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