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MLK Republicans join coaches in Southside Huddle

On Wednesday August 19th Martin Luther King Republicans joined Coaches Leaders In Action (CLIA) in a gathering with medical professionals, business and community leaders, and youth sports organizations to request more resources and access to facilities to protect Chicago's children. Organizers are appealing to elected officials to support their efforts to capture youth from the devastating effects of gun violence.

Ernest Radcliff and Coaches Leaders in Action (CLIA) organized several youth sports organizations and advocates to present to Mayor Lightfoot and Governor JB Pritzker an alternative that may help curb the gun violence plaguing the Southside. Jimmy Lee Tillman, II MLKR founder and president is a former Wolfpak parent and his son Jogay Tillman also participated. The community huddle at the Jackson Park Football Field called by CLIA, provided an alternative plan to combat gun violence against youth in Chicago. Organizers believe how youth spend their out‐of‐school time represents one of the most important factors for producing positive youth development and behavior.

"Families need to know that youth sports are critical. They save lives. They teach and build character. They help gather people from all walks of life and put them in situations where they have to communicate with each other. This is a way to stop the senseless killings of our youth", remarked Ernest Radcliffe "Studies show that youth arrest declines when after-school sports programs are accessible, while they increases when these options are not available"

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