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Ben Carson to Newsmax: Learn Lessons From Past COVID Mandates

The Martin Luther King Republicans are happy to share this re-print from Sandy Fitzgerald article on on July 9, 2022.

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson Saturday on Newsmax spoke out against the potential return of mask mandates and other strict rules as high levels of COVID-19 are being reported in American cities.

"I hope that we've learned from what's happened before," Carson said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "They're always talking about let's follow the science. Well, what science does is, it looks at data. We have certain states like Florida and South Dakota that didn't go for all of the lockdowns and the mandates and they did just fine, right?"

Lockdowns and mask-wearing, he added, have "negatively impacted" the nation's children, "not only by wearing a mask and not being able to see facial expressions but also by them being told that they're harboring some horrible disease that may not affect them. [They are told] they may be able to give it to their grandmother and she may die, and grandmothers do die, and then you've got some kid feeling guilty about it. That just makes no sense."

His comments came after the New York Department of Health tweeted a message calling for people to wear high-quality masks indoors and around outdoors crowds because the COVID numbers are starting to grow in the city again.

"There are several things that we're doing to our children," Carson said. "There is critical race theory making white kids feel guilty, making black kids feel like victims and minorities. Now that's craziness. And now you don't really know whether you're a boy or a girl. I mean, why are we putting all these things on our children? I think it's child abuse."


Springfield, IL Jimmy Lee Tillman II, Illinois GOP candidate for US Senate and author of the self-published Tillman's Handbook of Great Black American Patriots, exchanged autographs with Dr. Ben Carson. The latter appears in the 300-page handbook. The only living patriot in the book signed Tillman's copy in Chapter 24, Dr. Ben Carson, American medical genius, HUD Secretary, and presidential confidant. Dr. Carson was in town on June 1st for a fundraiser for Jesse Reising, a candidate for Congress. "I am delighted to be in this book and look forward to reading it," commented Carson after Tillman presented him with an autograph copy.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II wrote this handbook as an intelligent answer to the Critical Race Theory (CRT) rhetoric that falsely attempts to re-imagine American history as a racist Country founded to oppress all Black people. It highlights notable known and unknown figures in history and how their influence, bravery, contributions, and belief in Christian principles and the Constitution help build this great nation. Tillman introduces each chapter that includes beautiful and rarely seen photos, little-known facts, and places to visit to learn more, making this an easy read and an excellent guide written for all Americans.

The Chicago Tribune recently regarded Tillman as the "most conservative candidate on the ticket" that is "closely aligned with former President Donald Trump,." Tillman has been traveling throughout Illinois discussing his candidacy, sharing how the America First policies were good for all of America, and selling his well-regarded book.


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