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Biden's fuel rule is cruel; harms UAW and America's middle-class

While the UAW, of the 3 leading automakers, walks the picket lines, the Biden administration wants to use the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to raise fuel efficiency standards. This is the latest attempt in Biden's ambitious goal to reduce gas car sales to only 36% of the market in the next 9 years, negatively affecting American labor, automakers particularly, and crushing America's middle class.

Due to this forced switch to EVs, many workers will lose their jobs because of the new rule. Electric vehicles (EVs) differ from standard cars because they have fewer moving parts and simpler drivetrain systems. There could be job losses, especially in the factories that make engines and transmissions.

The automotive supply chain will see severe disruptions due to the shift to EVs. This would cause a drop in demand for such parts or disrupt existing vendor and supply networks, resulting in layoffs. For instance, suppliers of components for internal combustion engines may feel the effects of a downturn in the market.

America lacks workers with the technical understanding needed to widely embrace EVs. Electric car manufacturing, servicing, and repair require experts in batteries, electric systems, and software integration. The EV sector requires different skills than the current labor force; therefore, people without them may be unemployed or underemployed.

The auto industry gives workers steady incomes, benefits, and chances to move up, which helps them join the middle class. In Detroit, my mother's brother, Uncle James, is a retired UAW member who worked for Chrysler. This job allowed him to have a house and raise a family, producing 7 children who would become doctors, teachers, nurses, property owners, and taxpayers. This rule will hurt future laborers, who may not have such an opportunity.

We must not ignore Biden's attempt to roadblock American workers and consumers while killing the American dream. Public opposition can stop these regulations from being implemented and help defeat them in court. The Martin Luther King Republicans encourage you to join our support of Heritage Action by submitting a public comment by the October 16th deadline.

Biden’s New Fuel Rule: It’s gonna cost you

The following is from Janae Stracke, Vice President of Field Operations for Heritage Action.

There are over 290 million cars owned in the United States today. Vehicles are critical for Americans to get to work, attend church, go shopping, visit family and friends, or simply enjoy a drive.

But Biden is doing everything he can to make cars and trucks less and less accessible. Biden has declared war on cars by seeking to eliminate the internal combustion engine which currently powers over 94% of vehicles on the road.

His first attack came in April, when he used the Environmental Protection Agency to propose regulations of gas car emissions with the goal of crushing gas car sales from 94% of the market to just 33% in only 9 years!

Now, Biden is using the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to propose near impossible fuel efficiency standards - 66 mpg average for passenger cars and 54 mpg for pick-up trucks by 2032 - that will leave American drivers in the dust.

Biden’s heavy-handed regulations would break the car market, making day-to-day life harder for millions of Americans. In the end, here is how Biden’s fuel rule affects you:

  • Vehicle quality, including safety, will suffer: Increasing fuel efficiency standards this dramatically will require car manufacturers to decrease investment in other areas of improvement.

  • The cars and trucks you currently buy will be discontinued: Many makes and models will be forced off the market if they can’t meet the regulation’s standards, leaving you with less options.

  • You’ll pay more for less: Biden’s goal is to force buyers into purchasing electric vehicles, which on average are $20,000 more expensive than their gas powered equivalents.

  • All pain, no gain: Biden’s own Department of Transportation wrote about this rule saying “Net benefits for passenger cars remain negative across alternatives” It’s no good and they know it!

  • Public opposition can stop regulations from being implemented and can help defeat them in court.

  • Every unique comment must be addressed in a public response from the Biden administration.

  • Personal comments are best! Make edits to the provided template and share how this regulation would affect you, your family, or your business.

The following is a report written by James Sherk and Jacob Sagert for the America First Policy Institute

RESEARCH REPORT: Proposed EV Mandate Would Eliminate 117,000 Auto manufacturing jobs Proposed Biden Administration regulations would require electric vehicle (EV) sales to increase from 6% to 67% of all U.S. auto sales by 2032. Industry analysts—including liberal organizations—have warned that this EV transition would eliminate many existing auto manufacturing jobs. The main reason for this is that electric vehicles require fewer parts and less labor to manufacture than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICE). However, analysts have paid little attention to how EV mandates will affect individual states. This report uses data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) to estimate both national and state-specific job losses. These estimates show the Biden Administration’s proposed EV rules would likely eliminate at least 117,000 existing auto manufacturing jobs. Job losses would be concentrated in the Midwest, with Michigan (-25,000), Indiana (-16,000), and Ohio (-14,000) losing the most jobs. Southern states, including Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama, would also see significant job losses. If it takes effect, the Biden Administration’s EV mandate would eliminate tens of thousands of blue-collar jobs. Download AFPI Report Here


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