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Black Republicans rally for Donalds to become Speaker

The Martin Luther King Republicans (MLKR) join other Black conservative groups supporting Florida's sophomore congressman Byron Donalds for the historic role as America's 1st Black Speaker.

CHICAGO, IL After House Republicans withdrew Rep. Jim Jordan's name for Speaker of the House, the Martin Luther King Republicans (MLKR) and other Black conservative groups began lobbying the RNC to stand behind Rep. Byron Donalds to be the 1st Black American to hold the gavel. Donalds would be an excellent contrast to the Democrat's 1st Black Minority Leader, Hakeem Jefferies. In January, Donalds garnered support from 20 of his fellow Republicans after being nominated by Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania for the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds of voting.

MLKR is lobbying behind the scenes with Black Voices for America in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Georgia, practicing Dr. King's Principles of Non-violence in this effort this weekend. Although a long shot, they hope that as Speaker, Donalds would gain the needed experience to make it on Trump's shortlist for Vice President. Black conservatives believe that Donalds will put Congress back to work with new energy and a strong desire to solve the American people's problems. Donalds is regarded as motivated and someone who can get Republicans on board with policies that put people first, protect the border, and cut spending. At the same time, battle these issues through appropriations and committee work.

"Conservatives in the House need to understand that we are all against the same enemy: the extreme leftist mentality that has taken over Washington, D.C.," remarks Jimmy Lee Tillman, II, founder and president of Martin Luther King Republicans. "Protecting the border and cutting the government budget are the two most important issues facing the Country. Rep. Byron Donalds would use the power of a united Republican majority to address these issues. Lastly, Donalds can get wins through committee work since Democrats still control the White House and the Senate. His speakership will significantly affect serious policy talks and make it possible to keep an eye on federal agencies and investigate the weaponization of government." Polling during the HBCU Homecoming season finds more Black men supporting Republican policies and initiatives. More Black Americans are voting for Republican candidates, recognizing Donalds as a strong, competent leader. "He will bring the temperature down in the room," remarked Stirlyn Harris of Ohio. "I'm paying attention to that. A Black Speaker of the House is something I've never thought would be possible in our lifetime." "This is not your father's Republican Party," Tillman said." Donalds is not just a reflection of a new Republican Party. He is a reminder that the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln and the Party that help bring our nation back together." At their annual dinner, Tillman's group awarded Donalds the 2023 DreamKeepers Award in August. "Donalds is the right man at the right time. He has the testicular fortitude to bring this Republican Party together in the spirit on brotherhood."


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