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Cancel Biden’s Student Loan Bailout with Public Comment

Martin Luther King Republicans is happy to partner with the Heritage Foundation PUBLIC COMMENT campaign. Please read the information below and add your comment.


Debt is never truly canceled, only transferred. And Biden’s latest political stunt could transfer nearly $150 billion of student loan debt onto your backs, even though 87% of American adults don’t have student debt. We need your help to fight back.


Biden’s Department of Education has announced their latest attempt to transfer the student debt of millions onto Americans who either: 


  • Never went to college

  • Already paid off their loans

  • Worked through college to graduate with minimal to no debt



Combined with Biden’s previous efforts, taxpayers could bear the cost of up to 30 million borrowers.


This is fundamentally unjust—and has already been struck down by the Supreme Court. Worse, it does nothing to reform the broken student loan system that’s driven the skyrocketing cost of higher education.  


The truth is that the more money the federal government cancels in student loans, the more colleges will charge for tuition. Biden’s massive student loan bailout would supercharge this spiral. Future generations will have to take on more debt for the same, or lower, quality education. And, it’s not even legal. 



Biden has already tried canceling student loans, most notably by exploiting authorities provided by Congress in the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003 (HEROES Act), but this plan was quickly rejected by the Supreme Court. Now, Biden is again trying to transfer student loan debt to you under the Higher Education Act (HEA).



Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, through his guidance and regulatory actions, is wrongly redefining “loan” and “debt” to be “grant” and “gift.” Secretary Cardona is knowingly ignoring the limited authority Congress gives the Secretary of Education to manage student debt, and taking action the Supreme Court has ruled must be taken through an act of Congress.


Biden’s debt transfer is unfair, economically disastrous, and will very likely be challenged in court.


We need your help! Grassroots have until May 17th to submit a public comment to challenge this regulation. This is one of the most effective ways of fighting back against the administrative state. Rules have been delayed and even rescinded when met with enough opposition. 


Don’t wait! Submit a public comment TODAY!


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