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MLKRepublicans rally Southside voters in final week with Operation MAGA in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL The Martin Luther King Republicans(MLKR) are engaging Operation MAGA in six Southside wards in Chicago. This stealth campaign has resulted in many Blacks voting early or mailing-in their ballots for President J. Trump. Volunteers have hosted small meet-ups, registered voters, and shared the President's Platinum Plan. They have also opened an office in an undisclosed location on the Southside to serve as an outpost leading up to Election Day.

"We have a 'Come By Ten' strategy," remarked Jimmy Lee Tillman, II, founder and president of Martin Luther King Republicans. "We have identified 10 Trump voters in several precincts on the Southside with the idea of creating cracks throughout Democrat's Black Wall in Chicago. With enough blows, it is sure to crumble."

In partnership with Heritage Action for America, the organization has recruited several dozen poll workers to serve as judges to monitor election day activities. They have also secured an undisclosed location to house Operation MAGA on the Southside and host an invitation-only Victory Party on Election Day.


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