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Martin Luther King Republicans launch opposition to Biden's Title IX change

The Martin Luther King Republicans (MLKR) join Heritage Action's call for public comments against upcoming changes to Title IX, providing an easy link for concerned citizens.

The Martin Luther King Republicans are joining Heritage Action in their campaign to encourage concerned citizens to speak out against the Biden Administration's misleading game with women's sports. The new rule demands that males be allowed to play in women's sports unless a school can prove to the Department of Education how it will endanger the physical health of young women.

MLKR founder and president Jimmy Lee Tillman, II is Heritage Action's Sentinel and a Heritage Foundation Academy Fellow. He believes that Biden's new regulation puts girls on defense, making them explain the existence of their sports and places.

"Schools will be forced to allow boys and men to compete with girls and women for fear of violating Title IX, and at the threat of losing their Department of Education funding." Tillman said. "The first time this administration tried to use Title IX to slam the opportunities and safety of women we met it with such astounding outrage, they were forced to pause and do damage control. They are at it once again. This rule change can and must be stopped. We did it before, we can do it again!"

"Heritage Action for America has made it very easy for anyone who want to express their views. We are sharing their link and encourage others to do the same. One click can keep our daughters safe.", Tillman concluded.

The group will organize public comments until May 15th, practicing the first 5 Steps of Dr. King's Nonviolence Philosophy to oppose this rule. That is the deadline to submit a public statement and formally oppose his new regulation, and they have provided an easy link for public comment on their website.

The Biden administration must legally respond to every substantial and unique comment before the rule goes into effect. They are also legally obligated to read and consider the arguments against this rule. Their failure to do so would lead to challenges

in court.

The Department' s reviewers look for sound science and reasoning in the comments they receive. Here are some dos and don’ts when submitting comments.


  • Make your comments unique.

  • Include how this rule will personally impact you and/or your community.

  • Be direct.

  • Address trade-offs and opposing views in your comments.

  • Include data on the qualitative and quantitative effects the rule may have, if available.

  • When possible, support your comment with substantive data, facts and/or expert opinions.


  • Make unsupported accusations.

  • Include vulgar or abusive language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups.

  • Promote services or products (non-commercial links that are relevant to the comment are acceptable).

  • Include off-topic information or spam messages.

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