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Martin Luther King Republicans Quarterly Report


Founder and President Jimmy Lee Tillman, II is a Heritage Foundation Academy Fellow. He has completed an intensive educational and leadership program that is crafted to educate leaders on the foundational principles of American political thought and the important policy debates facing our country.

Founder and President Jimmy Lee Tillman II authored a paper in opposition to The Department of Education Proposed Priority in History and Civics.

Tillman wrote, " I oppose the current intrusion by the Department of Education (ED) and its "Proposed Priorities – American History and Civics Education program," published on April 19, 2021. This program is designed to change how American history is taught in all public schools. This 'not a new rule, but a proposal' is outside the agency's statutory authority and unlawfully violates the Spending Clause. It also presents controversial theories and objectionable practices as avant-garde to push politically motivated agendas by reimagining American history through a narrow, racially divisive lens. American history must be taught neutrally without political agendas, trends, or pressures. After significant pushback the Department of Education changed the word 'Proposed' to 'Recommended'.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II wrote this handbook as an intelligent answer to the Critical Race Theory (CRT) rhetoric that falsely attempts to re-imagine American history as a racist Country founded to oppress all Black people. It highlights notable known and unknown figures in history and how their influence, bravery, contributions, and belief in Christian principles and the Constitution help build this great nation. Tillman introduces each chapter that includes beautiful and rarely seen photos, little-known facts, and places to visit, making this an easy read and an excellent guide written for all Americans.

Founder and President Jimmy Lee Tillman II on PBS WTTW Black Voices Red, White, Blue and Black What Patriotism means to Black America


The Martin Luther King Republicans supported the New Canaan Land Church Annual Basketball Peace Tournament in Englewood.

MLK Republicans join House Freedom Caucus in calls for resignation of POTUS, VP and others --CHICAGO, IL Following the House Freedom Caucus press conference, which demanded accountability for the Biden Administration's inexcusable failures withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Martin Luther King Republicans, a grassroots civic organization, stands in solidarity with the minority group. Founder and president Jimmy Lee Tillman II released the following statements calling for the resignation of President Biden, Vice President Harris and Biden's Cabinet. "The Martin Luther King Republicans stand with the House Freedom Caucus and other Americans who demand the resignation of Biden and his Administration. We are a nation of citizens who are governed by our consent, which demands accountability and transparency"", said Tillman. "The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that led to the heartbreaking loss of life is a travesty. History will record this damage to our country's credibility, and it may take generations to recover. So the honorable thing for President Biden to do is to resign so America can regain its respect back on the world stage", he remarked. "Because of the embarrassing silence of Vice President Harris, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and the trauma revisited by the Black community in Louisiana, that is still without power. Along with her statement that she participated in America's exit strategy from Afghanistan, we ask her to respectfully resign," he continued. "Stepping down would save her historic accomplishment by distancing herself from this debacle." He concluded, "The entire Cabinet should resign for not invoking the 25th Amendment and putting our Nation in danger. It is obvious to even the layman that the POTUS is not mentally capable of doing his duties. The world is watching and there is no excuse for allowing this abuse."


Jimmy Lee Tillman II holds an intelligent discussion with host Jeff Dornik. The show episode is entitled Democrats Are Slave Masters Implementing the Southern Strategy Tillman on The Jeff Dornik Show Jimmy Lee Tillman sits down with Conservatives’ Guide to talk about Critical Race Theory and how BLM’s efforts to rewrite history are destroying America. Author of Tillman's Handbook of Great Black American Patriots & Guide to the National Parks and Landmarks, Statues, Museums, and Historic Places dedicated to them. Jimmy shares some stories about prominent black Americans and their contributions to America and how the left is trying to erase those contributions. Tillman on Conservative's Guide


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