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Min. Latasha Fields delivers keynote at MLKR Mother's Day Tea

Min. Fields and daughter at MLKR Mother's Day Tea in Chicago

Minister LaTasha Fields gave a stirring keynote address at the Mother's Day Tea, co-hosted by Fabulous Frances LLC and the Martin Luther King Republicans, in which she passionately stood for parental rights and constitutional freedoms. A space exquisitely furnished in pastel green, pink, and champagne, complemented with floral arrangements and tea lights, welcomed thirty guests at noon on May 11th in the chic Chicago setting of Ping Tom Park.


Minister Fields spoke on upcoming HRs and policies that limit parental involvement in their children's education and create a danger to personal freedoms. She passionately and effectively laid out plans to overcome these obstacles, equipping moms and community members with information and methods they could put into practice.


The audience's thunderous applause demonstrated how deeply Minister Fields' message struck a chord. She urged the audience to stand up for fundamental rights and fight to ensure their protection for decades to come.


In addition to Minister Fields' compelling words, the event also provided a delicious dining experience. Honoree and celebrity chef Ora Major brought a touch of culinary excellence to the occasion with a menu of delectable tea cakes, sandwiches, and gourmet parfaits.


Carolyn Major won over audiences with her stunning operatic performance of the Lord's Prayer in D, while the Starlight Barbershop Comedian All Stars brought joy and humor to the event.

Samantha Gasca, a candidate for the Illinois State Senate, also took the floor to share insights and engage in dialogue about pertinent community issues. Additionally, Ebony Tillman highlighted the importance of organ donation within the Black community, underscoring the significance of initiatives like The Gift of Hope.

The emcee, Jimmy Lee Tillman II, masterfully orchestrated the event, guiding the program with charm and professionalism.

Adding to the charm of the occasion, attendees embraced the tradition of donning hats and gloves, evoking a sense of refinement and sophistication that complemented the ambiance of the event. Please enjoy the photo collage and check out more videos from the events in the Music, memes, and more section..


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