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MLK Republicans join House Freedom Caucus in calling on resignation for Biden, Harris, and Cabinet

CHICAGO,IL Following the House Freedom Caucus press conference, which demanded accountability for the Biden Administration’s inexcusable failures withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Martin Luther King Republicans, a grassroots civic organization, stand in solidarity with the minority group.

"The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that led to the heartbreaking loss of life is a travesty. History will record this stain and damage to our credibility, and it may take years to recover. So the honorable thing for President Biden to do is to resign", remarked Jimmy Lee Tillman II, founder, and president of MLK Republicans.

"Because of the embarrassing silence of Vice President Harris, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and the trauma revisited by the Black community in Louisiana, that is still without power, along with her statement that she participated in America’s exit strategy from Afghanistan, we ask her to respectfully resign", he continued. "Stepping down would save her historic accomplishment by distancing herself from this debacle."

He concluded, "The entire Cabinet should resign for not invoking the 25th Amendment and putting our Nation in danger. It is obvious to even the layman that the POTUS is not mentally capable of doing his duties".


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