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MLK Republicans join VP Pence at campaign stop in WI

JANESVILLE,Wisconsin On Monday, September 14th, the Martin Luther King Republicans, continuing with their pledge to support the re-election of Donald J. Trump, joined 250 other supporters and volunteers at the Janesville Holiday Inn Conference Center. Vice President Mike Pence was the keynote speaker at the campaign stop full of excitement for the November election.

Representing Black voters who support the Trump Administration, Jimmy Lee Tillman, II agreed with the Vice President that 'the choice was clear.' "The Black community is very familiar with Joe Biden's record, and people are fighting in California for their relatives harshly prosecuted by Harris. If you measure President Trump's accomplishments, as it relates to the Black community,and hold it up against Biden or Harris and it surpasses all their years in office."

Kylee Zempel writes in the Federalist," Pence doubled down on the former vice president, whom he called "nothing more than a Trojan horse for the radical left," saying:

You know, the truth is, Joe Biden would double down on all the policies that have led to violence in America's cities. When you signal a lack of support or waning support for law enforcement, it encourages those — it emboldens those who threaten our families and our cities. So let me be clear, we're going to stand with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement, whether it's in Los Angeles or Rochester or Kenosha, we are going to back the blue.

Biden believes America is systemically racist and that police officers harbor "implicit bias" toward racial minorities. Pence reminded Trump supporters, quoting Biden as having said that "yes, absolutely" public officials should cut funding to law enforcement.

"I'll make you a promise," Pence pledged. "We're not going to defund the police, not now, not ever. President Trump knows, and the people of Wisconsin know, we don't need to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with our African American neighbors, or any of the minorities that live in our cities. … We have done both for three and a half years, and we're going to do both for four more years," Pence said, his comments evoking chants of "four more years!" from the crowd.

In an interview with WMTV, Tillman said, "The Vice President did not have to mention the Black community in his speech to this Wisconsin audience. This is another example of how the Trump Administration is serious about reaching out, and I am proud to have had the Vice President sign my hat. I can pass this down to my grandson."


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