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Biden's Blood-Stained Borders: The Devastating Toll on Women & Children Amidst Open Border Policies

by Jimmy Lee Tillman II

These Honduran and Guatemalan women and children were detained near McAllen, Texas, last June. Photo by Jennifer Whitney/The New York Times.

If you watch the corporate media any time of day and you will find the talking-head apologists defend President Joe Biden's illegal failure to strengthen America's southern border as compassionate and cordial.

However, the border issue is a breeding ground for violence against women and children, for which Biden, his administration, and the so-called enlightened elites supporting his horrific policies are solely responsible.

The facts cannot be disputed. Expressed, they must be discussed in a civilized, modern manner. Here goes.

Every country south of our border knows Biden's policy of allowing all illegal immigrants to stay in the US. Undocumented employees know that America's cruel corporations embrace them because they lack legal rights and accept lower pay and stricter working conditions than American citizens.

As a result, they exceeded one million in 2021, 2.2 million more in 2022, and headed higher at an even faster rate this year.

On our side of the border, the Biden immigration issue produces an opioid epidemic, increased violent crime, and a significant erosion in popular trust in political institutions. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reports illegal immigration harms Black Americans by increasing competition for employment and housing, stoking the lethal fentanyl problem, and increasing gang violence in sanctuary cities. It also concerns that amnesty might dilute the Black vote.

These atrocities are sufficient grounds for Washington to construct border security. The Biden situation's most damaging consequences are also felt on the other side of the border.

The migratory routes north to America are controlled by drug gangs rather than the Mexican government. Illegal immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and other countries are forced to "hire" drug cartel coyotes, a lucrative business producing billions of dollars annually. Of course, the most vulnerable and impoverished migrants with limited financial resources must find different ways to pay their traffickers.

One victim stated, "You have to pay with your body." Almost one in every three migrant women claims to have been sexually assaulted. Other coyotes prefer younger prey and will help mothers cross in exchange for sex with their daughters. Some people demand payment before abandoning their "clients" in the desert. Hundreds of people perish on the treacherous journey each year.

Even after migrants have paid, cartels frequently kidnap them to take additional money. According to one study, cartels capture 60% of unaccompanied immigrant children for child pornography and drug trafficking.

However, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas supports the flow of unaccompanied minors by promising to keep them and "care for that young child." Of course, that is a false promise because the administration soon loses track of one-third of the children it allows to enter the country and cannot locate nearly 85,000 migrant children who are already present.

This crisis is all to be expected. And Joe Biden is entirely at fault. He has the authority to manage the border and end the chaos, not to mention the constitutional obligation. He decides not to placate his newly awakened globalist constituency. Keeping the border open is a form of virtue signaling; the human cost is horrible, but it's "good ratings" for the evening news.


The Mexican drug cartels will have an infinite supply of victims to loot, rape, abuse, and exploit due to Biden's encouragement of illegal immigration by leaving the southern border open. Children and women will remain the most vulnerable. American bureaucrats daily investigate abused children, raped women, and dead bodies. kpp

Furthermore, American taxpayers will continue subsidizing Washington's heinous involvement in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and coordinated violence against defenseless women and children.

Shame on Joe Biden and all who play along.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II is the founder and president of the Martin Luther King Republicans, former US Senate candidate(R-IL), Heritage Foundation Academy Fellow, author and lecturer.


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