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Tillman discuss Patriotism with John James on Freedom Pep Rally

Jimmy Lee Tillman II joined the host of Legacy 1160 WSKW Maine's Heritage Station John James, on Freedom Pep Rally with a lively discussion about patriotism. Tillman and James agreed that promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT) is un-American and designed to divide.

"We must teach all Americans, those who are 1st and 2nd generation, as well as those of us who have been here 12 and 13 generations, about the great history of this country", remarked Tillman, "and how it has always strived to live up to its creed 'All men are created equal'. It is important that when anyone's Constitutional rights are challenged that everyone stands up for them."

He continued, "When the 1992 Crime Bill stripped many citizens of their rights, no one said a word. Then the Patriot Act came along and even more citizens were denied. Now we have the pandemic being used by some in government to take even more away."

Tillman encouraged the audience to read 'Tillman's Handbook of Great Black American Patriots and guide to National Parks and Landmarks, statues, museums, and historic places dedicated to them. This book will help discover what it means to be a patriot and how America has honored those Black Americans whose contributions help make this country great.


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