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Tillman offers 15% off as self-published book sells out at major retailers

CHICAGO,IL Author, civic leader and fellow at Heritage's Academy Jimmy Lee Tillman's self-published book entitled Tillman's Handbook of Great Black American Patriots & guide to National Parks and Landmarks, statues, museums and historic places dedicated to them, that was released on July 4th, has sold out at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Target. The book is also on backorder at local bookstores nationwide including, Books & Beginnings in Evanston, Illinois, and Island Books in Mercer Island, Washington.

"Thank you for your overwhelming support. We have sold out at these locations. We will be offering a 15% discount on all orders until August 13th as appreciation for this. Please visit and apply code CREATOR15 and get your copies ."- Jimmy Lee Tillman II

Tillman Family Press is working hard to fill back orders that include international bookstore Book Depository. Apply code CREATOR15 to receive 15% discount offered for a limited time. To order in bulk or for autographed copies, please email for more information.

Book Synopsis

What does it mean to be a Black Patriot? How has America acknowledged and celebrated the contributions of Black Americans who help shape America's freedoms, ideals, and values? This handbook collects profiles of well-known and unknown Black Americans who impacted America's history and places to visit and learn more about them. Taken from the Martin Luther King Republicans' 2021 Black History Month series, this handbook includes 26 figures from the Colonial era to the modern-day with photos and lists over 50 National Parks and Landmarks, Statues, Museums, and Historic Places.

  • Format Paperback | 306 pages

  • Dimensions 140 x 216 x 16mm | 354g

  • Publication date 01 Jul 2021

  • Publisher Tillman Family Press

  • Language English

  • ISBN10 1737521407

  • ISBN13 9781737521402



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