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Tillman says Biden's attack on Americans' freedoms began with the 1992 Crime Bill

Jimmy Lee Tillman II joined Jeff Crouere, hosts of Ringsidegside Politics WGSO 990AM in New Orleans.

Tillman's interview begins in the 2nd Hour (timestamp 2:03:1i2) with discussions ranging from Critical Race Theorist misrepresenting America's history to the current attempts at stripping Americans of their freedoms. Tillman recollected that the 1992 Crime Bill, championed by Biden and supported by countless unassuming Americans, was the first attack on citizens' Constitutional rights. The target was the criminal drug offender. Whether it was a seller or buyer, it cast a wide net that infringed upon many rights. Tillman described it as a precursor of the Patriot Act, which now has led to these Unconstitutional mandates issued by Biden's Administration.

Tillman also discusses his book Tillman's Handbook of Great Black American Patriots and Guide to National Parks and Landmarks, Statues, museums, and historic places dedicated to them that is being well-received among Louisiana's patriots and history enthusiasts, as well as being heralded as an intelligent alternative to CRT.


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