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Trump gains momentum in urban areas; Black Patriots on reading list

CHICAGO, IL As the 2024 election looms, polls increasingly suggest unprecedented Black support for former President Donald J. Trump. Major cities like Chicago and Milwaukee, like many other urban areas across America, are showing significant increases in the support of Black voters for Trump.

The grassroots organization Martin Luther King Republicans played a significant role in creating awareness and support for Donald Trump in the Black community. The organization is promoting the effort to completely reshape the narrative echoing in most major cities across America about our former Commander In Chief's commitment to making life better for all people, especially Black voters.

The reason for the increased support appears to be attributed to the disappointment within the Black community with the Biden Administration for the lack of meaningful action on the social agenda it promised. On the other hand, Trump continues to demonstrate strong support from the Black community despite the media polarizing his public persona.

The Trump campaign was highly successful in offering tax cuts for all Americans, which helped Black voters. Additionally, the push on the criminal justice system to end the "War on Drugs" and increase prison reform initiatives created further support amongst Black voters. He also rolled back a burdensome Obama-era regulation on auto lenders, which had caused Black communities financial ruin.

Such experiences with the Trump Administration have been positive for Black voters in certain areas. As mentioned, the First Step Act, Trump's sweeping criminal justice reform bill, which passed in 2018, gave same-day release to more than three thousand prisoners convicted of non-violent crimes. The Administration also rolled out Opportunity Zones, a program linked to a surge in black-owned businesses and development in impoverished communities.

These clear improvements in Black voter's welfare have helped create a surge of support among Black voters for Donald J. Trump, and there is excitement building deep into 2024 beyond the 30% of Black voters that seem to be ready to support the former president, a massive shift from the measly eleven percent in 2020.

Handbook of Great Black American Patriots on Trump's Reading List

Recently, news circulated that President Donald Trump has included Tillman's Handbook on Great Black American Patriots on his reading list. This book, which pays tribute to some of the significant Black Patriots in our nation's history, has been admired by both sides of the aisle. From his remarks about Black Patriots, it is clear that President Trump values the contributions of Black Americans to our nation.

President Trump thanked the author for sending the book, commending Tillman for "[honoring] a few outstanding Black Americans who have contributed to our nation. He added, "Black American Patriots are critical to the foundation of our nation." Without their courage, fortitude, and fight for freedom, the United States would be a very different country.

President Trump has a long history of supporting Black American causes. His donations for Jesse Jackson's Black Wall Street Project revitalized entire towns, and his backing of Nelson Mandela's America tour helped to bridge the gap between South African and American citizens. Most recently, his support of Jennifer Hudson following the tragic loss of her family was a tremendous gesture of solidarity with the Black American community.

President Trump is a known reader who enjoys history and loves books. He has put his weight behind Tillman's Handbook on Great Black American Patriots, encouraging book clubs and reading circles to learn more about the brave men and women who forged this nation. We are reminded of the power of learning from history and the importance of uplifting Black Patriots who have lent a helping hand in making the United States the home of freedom we know today.


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